Yashoda Movie Review: Will Samantha’s good acting save the movie?


Yashoda Movie Review: Yashoda Movie has been released in theaters on 11 November 2022. This is a Fantasy/Mystery movie. Apart from Telugu, this movie has been released in Hindi Tamil Malayalam Kannada language. According to the report, the total budget of the movie is around 40 crores. We see Samantha in the lead role in the movie.

Yashoda Movie Review
Yashoda Movie Review
Release Date11 November 2022
LanguageTelugu( orignal),
Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada ( dub)
CastSamantha Ruth Prabhu, Samantha, Unni Mukundan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma, Sampath Raj, Shatru
Director, writerHari Shanka, Harish Narayan
imdb rating6.9/10

Yashoda movie story

Talking about the story of the movie, we have been shown the story of Yashoda (Samantha) in the movie. Where Yashoda needs money so she goes to an institution. Where she becomes a surrogate mother, but gradually she comes to know about the scam of that institution. How that organization is using girls for money. And how to make it a business. After which Yashoda now thinks that she will bring the truth of that institution in front of everyone. Now what troubles she will have to face for all this and will she be able to save everyone from there, all this is shown in the movie.

Yashoda movie |video credit – Aditya Movies

Acting and Directing

Talking about acting, Samantha has done a good acting. Her expression is good in every single scene and Samantha has also improved her fighting skills. Talking about the rest of the actors and actresses, she has also done a decent job. Samantha is in the lead role and it was the responsibility of her to make the movie better with good acting. And she has done good acting which makes the movie look a bit interesting.

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Talking about directing, both Hari Shanka, Harish Narayan have done a good job. Especially the action scenes have been shot very well. However, there were some scenes that could have been worked on better. Both have also written the story of the movie, so the story could have been improved a bit.

Yashoda movie vfx

Talk about VFX, the VFX of the movie was very bad. Barring a few scenes, the vfx shown in the movie looked childlike. VFX could have been done better. There were many scenes which looked completely fake.

Positive Point Of Yashoda movie

Talk about the positive point of the movie, the concept of the movie is good. This type of concept has hardly been seen before. Same Samantha’s acting is excellent which makes the movie more interesting. He has also worked hard on the action scene which is seen in the movie. There are some minor twists in the movie which are good.

yashoda review 111122 2
Yashoda Movie | image credit – google

Negative Point Of Yashoda movie

Talk about the negative point of the movie, the VFX of the movie was very bad. There were many scenes that looked completely fake. The makeup of the character was not matching the situation of the movie, like making a young person old, his makeup was very useless. In the same movie, the VFX that bleeds after being gunned down also looks completely fake.

Some twists in the movie are good, but many twists seem absolutely childish, which do not make any sense. Because of which the interest in watching movies decreases. The screenplay of the movie is also not good, it seemed that the movie has been unnecessarily extended.

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My Opinion On Yashoda movie

Talk about my opinion about the movie, so I did not like the movie much. The movie looks good in starting but as the movie progresses, the movie becomes boring. The vfx of the movie was not good at all. The spoken dialogues in the movie are also not good. And the story of the movie is also boring. Although Samantha has done a good acting due to which the movie looks a bit too good.

But still if the story is not good then there is no fun in the movie. Overall, the movie is okay, if you are a fan of Samantha, then you may like the movie. I didn’t like the movie much. The movie has got a rating of 6.9/ 10 on imdb. I give this movie a rating of 3/5. If you have already seen this movie, then you can tell us by commenting how you liked the movie.

Yashoda movie FAQ

What is the total budget of the Yashoda movie?

40 crores

Which Genre belongs to Yashoda movie?


Is Yashoda movie family friendly?


how long is the Yashoda movie?

 2h 15m

who is in the lead role of the Yashoda movie?

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

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