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Guest Post Service :

We at The Tops 10 welcome all the types of guest posts contrubution like drafts, feedback, and praise. Fill up your form, and we will reply to you within 48 hours. If you want to publish your content, please look at our guidelines, and please make sure your draft will follow all the guidelines and writing styles. 

Note : Contact us or DM on Instagram

What We Want :

The article should contain 800+ content, and content should be bold, demanding, engaging, conversational, and easy to read, giving the feelings and value both to the readers. 

The content Must be related to Entertainment, Cryoto, Blockchain, Technology,Finance, Business and Lifestyle related content. This is a general blog. We publish each and every post on related topics.

Guest Post Guidelines :

  • Article Should be in english
  • Focus keyword
  • meta title and description
  • H1 and H2 headings and subheadings. 
  • Introduction
  • The document should not be more than 1.5Mb.
  • Alt attribution
  • no errors and grammatical mistakes
  • AtLeast maintain 100% Original. 
  • Image source and references
  • Do Proper Seo on your post.
  • Formatting and Approaching should be good. 
  • After publishing your content, share it on your social media handle.
  • No adult content, Sex, Drugs or any illigal Post are not allowed here.

What we check before publishing :

  • 100% Original content
  • Give response within 24 hours
  • You will get back reply if your post is rejected or accepted
  • If we refuse, we return your post, and if we accept, then we work forward on it
  • After publishing your content, we will notify you within 24 hours. 

Contact: ritwikghoshm@gmail.com for submitting your content

or, Fill up the form for requesting to submit content

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