What If Episode 9 Review: The Best Finale Every Fan Deserved To Witness


What If Episode 9 marks the end of Season 1 of the very first Animated series of the MCU, “What If..?”. Marvel Studios finally raised this question What If the story didn’t turn out as planned in the prominent timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

What If the heroes we know were not a part of the universe? How will the story proceed further? What changes can it make to the storyline? This is the wildest fantasy of any MCU fan, which Marvel Studios presented to us in their very first Animated series, which is directly related to the continuity of the MCU movies.

Marvel Studios and Disney know very well how to please their fans by giving them what they want to see the most. What If Episode 9 proves yet again why Marvel Studios is the most successful production house in the current time.

The superhero genre worldwide has always been a fan favourite genre overall, and Marvel Studios planned a whole universe filled with superheroes. Marvel Comics was not that successful if we compare it to their rivals DC, but now in the cinematic universe, Marvel has taken a big lead in the market.

What If Episode 9: Summary of the Episode

Ratings: 8.7/10

What If Episode 9 compressed
Image Credits: Mashable India | Image Source: Google | licensed By: Marvel Studios
Created By:A.C. Bradley
Directed By:Bryan Andrews
Executive Producers:A.C. Bradley
Bryan Andrews
Victoria Alonso
Louis D’Esposito
Kevin Feige
Brad Winderbaum
Starring:The Watcher
Vision / Ultron
T’Chala / Star-Lord
Evil Dr. Strange
Captain Carter
Tony Stark / Iron Man
Black Widow
Captain Marvel
Production House:Marvel Studios
Distributed By:Disney Platform Distribution

What If Episode 9 starts with the story of Captain America and the Winter Soldier, but in this timeline, we have Captain Carter instead of Captain America, and while fighting, The Watcher appears in front of Captain Carter and tells her that she has been chosen.

Next, the story transits to the 2nd episode of the What If series where we last saw that Ego arrives at Earth to take his son Peter Quill with him, but T’chala, the Star-Lord arrives there to fight Ego, and there the Watcher arrives and takes T’chala with him and tells him that he is chosen.

Similarly, The Watcher chooses Gamora, Party Thor, and Killmonger from their respective episodes of What If. Evil Dr. Strange is already with Watcher, which we already saw in the What If Episode 8. There, Watcher explains to everyone the ongoing situation how they all are his final hope to save every existing universe and calls them the Guardians of the Multiverse.

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Dr. Strange takes everyone in a universe which is not that developed so that Ultron can not notice them there. At there they all make a plan how to possibly defeat Ultron by stealing the Power Stone from him and use it in the machine “Infinity Crusher”, which Gamora invented, which has the power to crush all the Infinity stones and by using that same machine, she also killed Thanos in her respective universe.

Then Thor attracts Ultron to that universe and then starts a big showdown between Ultron and the Guardians of the Multiverse. Gamora and Killmonger go to another universe to set up their Infinity Crusher and waiting for others to steal the Power Stone.

1st What If Episode 9
Image Credits: GameRevolution | Image Source: Google | licensed By: Marvel Studios

T’chala finally manages to steal the Power Stone from Ultron, and they travel to another universe where Gamora is ready with the Inifinity Crusher but giving Gamora the Power Stone is not that easy. After fighting, Ultron Guardians finally manages to give Gamora the Power Stone.

Gamora immediately gets the Infinity Crusher to crush all the Infinity Stones which Ultron has, and they successfully crush all the infinity stones. Then Ultron tells them that every universe is different from each other. Hence the Infinity Stones which Ultron has are different from the Stones which Gamora destroyed by Infinity Crusher.

There also arrives Natasha Romanoff, aka, Black Widow who was the sole survivor of that universe, and this is the same universe where Hawkeye and Natasha downloaded Zola into one of the arrows. Captain Carter and Natasha Romanoff make a plan to keep Ultron Busy and then attack him with the Arrow so that Zola can Takeover Ultron.

Black Widow, aka, Natasha Romanoff takes a shot at Ultron when Ultron is busy fighting with other heroes, and from behind, Captain Carter grabs Ultron and removes his helmet, and the Arrow hits him exactly in the eye, and as planned, Zola takes over Ultron.

Killmonger then goes to Rogue after witnessing the real powers of the Infinity Stones, and he takes the armor of Ultron and the Infinity stones with it, but Zola then says that that armor belongs to him, so now Zola and Killmonger both are fighting to take Infinity Stones.

Then Dr. Strange realizes that they are not destined to win the battle, but they are intended to split the stones from the body, so Dr. Strnage traps both Zola and Killmonger into a prism, and The Watcher takes him into an isolated location from where they can not escape.

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How Killmonger Took all the Infinity Stones and Ultron’s Armor? What If Episode 9

2nd What If Episode 9
Image Credits: MediaScrolls | Image Source: Google | licensed By: Marvel Studios

At the end of What If Episode 9, after Zola takes over Ultron, then Killmonger takes the Armor of Ultron and all the Infinity Stones with it, but the question arrives there is how Killmonger is able to do it? Though there is no proper explanation for this in the What If Episode 9.

But there is a big probability that the Vibranium is the reason behind Killmonger is able to take over the Armor and all the Stones with it. As we all know that Vision’s Body is made up of Vibranium, so the Armor he puts around is also made up of Vibranium.

And we also know that Killmonger’s Black Panther suit is also made up of Vibranium, and even Black Panther’s powers come from Vibranium, so that is why Killmonger was able to take the Armor and all the Infinity Stones with it.

Though we do not get to see either Killmonger or Zola use the powers of Infinity Stones, we all know how brutal these two can get, so having all Infinity Stones to them can be even worse than Ultron.

What Happens To Evil Dr. Strange in the End? What If Episode 9

3rd What If Episode 9
Image Credits: Game Rant | Image Source: Google | licensed By: Marvel Studios

In the 4th Episode of the What If series, we saw how Dr. Strange destroyed the whole universe by changing an absolute point and created a paradox by doing it, and that was the first time where we saw someone sensing the presence of the Watcher and someone talked to him.

The Watcher could not intervene than to save that universe, but now when all the universes were at risk, then Watcher had to break his oath.

In the end, when Dr. Strange trapped both Zola and Killmonger in a prism and Watcher transferred them into an isolated location where he needs someone to keep an eye on that Prism because if that Prism gets even a crack in it, then they both can escape from it and again the whole Multiverse will be at risk.

So Watcher needs Dr. Strange to keep an eye on Prism, and this Evil version of Dr. Strange has already lost everything, so he has nothing left to live for that is why he agrees to dedicate his whole life to this job.

The Good: What If Episode 9

4th What If Episode 9 compressed 1
Image Credits: Epicstream | Image Source: Google | licensed By: Marvel Studios

What If Episodes 9 and 8 were so similar to Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame wherein Avengers: Infinity War, we see the Destruction, and in the Endgame, we see Redemption similarly in What If Episode 8 we see Destruction and in What If Episode 9 we see Redemption.

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And both the live-action movies and the Animated Series are jaw-droppingly awesome to witness. Everything in the What If Episode 9 is great, and Marvel Studios once again proves why they are leading the market.

The What If Series started on a very decent to average note where some people liked it, and some totally hated it, but as the series progressed and strings started to join, the What If series became fan-favourite. Marvel knows perfectly how to shock their fans and how to keep them engaged in the storyline.

The Last 2 Episodes of the What If Series were the best episodes of the series, and with the What If Episode 9 the finale episode of the series, the series got the ending that every fan deserved to witness, and no one expected that the series would end on such a high note.

The Bad: What If Episode 9

Image Credits: Trendsmap | Image Source: Google | licensed By: Marvel Studios

Many Fans still consider Avengers: Infinity War a slightly better movie in comparison to Avengers: Endgame, although both the movies are epic and they both have a quality of rewatchability in them, but due to this, unnecessary comparison between movies some consider one movie slightly better than the other.

The same happens in the case of What If Episode 8 and What If Episode 9 because many will consider the previous Episode to be slightly better than What If Episode 9, and this comparison is the only bad thing about the Episode.

The reason behind considering the previous Episode better is that that we did not expect it to be such a great episode. What If Episode 8 felt everyone totally in shock with the twists and turns it took, but for the What If Episode 9, we are kind of already expecting what twists and turns to expect from the Episode, which decreases the shocking factor of the Episode.

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FAQ About What If Episode 9:

Does Wanda appear in What If Episode 9?

Yes, but the Zombie version of Wanda appears and fights with Ultron in What If Episode 9.

What happens to Natasha Romanoff in the end?

In the end the Watcher takes Natasha into a universe in which Natasha is dead and watcher does this only because in her universe only Natasha is left.

What is the name of the group in What If Episode 9?

The group is been named as Guardians of the Multiverse in What If Episode 9.

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