What If Episode 8 Review: Marvel at its Full Potential – The Watcher VS Ultron


Marvel’s What If Episode 8 is the first episode that links with the series’s previous episodes. So far, we have seen that in every episode of What If, the makers showcase a new story but at the end of every episode, they end that episode at a cliffhanger with the potential of further development in the story.

For the first time in the What If series of Marvel, we see marvel connecting the dots with other episodes. in the What If Episode 7, the makers leave the story on a cliffhanger where we see Vision in Ultron’s suit with all the six infinity stones.

what if episode 8
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In the What If Episode 8, makers carry forward the same story by showing us that how Vision ends up in the Ultron suit, and once again, the makers leave the story on a cliffhanger which probably will complete in the final episode of the series.

What If Episode 8 : It Reminds Me ” The Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe ” Comic Book Concept

Ratings: 8.8/10

1st What If Episode 8 compressed
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Directed By:Bryan Andrews
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Bryan Andrews
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Kevin Feige
Brad Winderbaum
Tony Stark / Iron Man
The Watcher
Black Widow
Captain Marvel
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From the start of the episode, The Watcher narrates the story similarly to all other What If episodes. The Watcher says, “We have seen this before, a universe in the final days of destruction. But this particular story, this one, breaks my heart.”

This means that even the Watcher is heartbroken after watching the fate of this Universe, and we have seen the Watcher wanting to intervene before, but he can not because of his oath.

The whole Earth is almost destroyed, and only Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow and Hawk Eye, are left alive and are fighting to save the Universe from Ultron. In the current MCU timeline, we have seen how avengers defeated Ultron, and they created Vision.

But in What If Episode 8, Ultron successfully transferred his consciousness into Vision which has caused the destruction of the whole world. After Ultron Transferred himself into the body of Vision, he took over the whole Internet and hacked every digital gadget.

After hacking all the technology, Vision attacked the whole world with all the nuclear missiles available on Earth which caused mass destruction. Iron Man tried to stop Ultron by convincing him that he was meant to bring peace to the world.

But Ultron believes that peace can be brought only after wiping all humans from Earth. After wiping out all human life from Earth, Vision feels real peace but then arrives Thanos on Earth to take the Mind Stone from Ultron.

But Ultron is not as kind as Vision, and he immediately kills Thanos by cutting him into two pieces, and then he takes all the six Infinity Stones from the Gauntlet. After having all the six Infinity Stones, Ultron feels the real power, and he decides to bring peace to the whole Universe.

2nd What If Episode 8
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So, Ultron goes to destroy every planet in the Universe. One by one, Ultron keeps destroying every planet of the Universe. Ultron Destroys Asgard, Ego, Xandar, Sovereign, Sakaar, but then Captain Marvel arrives to stop Ultron, and Ultron and Captain Marvel get engaged in a fight.

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Captain Marvel gave a tough fight to Ultron, but Ultron possesses the power of all six infinity stones, so he destroys the whole Universe and every life in the Universe. After destroying everything, Ultron remains with no purpose left, but then he senses the presence of someone.

Ultron can see and hear the Watcher, which makes The Watcher freak out and confused. Watcher says that he has seen everything which has happened and which will happen, but this he never saw. Ultron finds out the Watcher, and then he gets to know that there are infinite universes.

Ultron gets his purpose back and decides to cause chaos in the whole multiverse. Watcher says that there is only one last hope left that can stop Ultron from destroying the whole multiverse. Black Widow and Hawkeye are trying to find an AI which Ultron can not hack, and then they find the location of Zola, the AI created by Hydra.

Black Widow and Hawkeye find Zola and download him into a device. Ultron’s robots find the location of Widow and Hawkeye, and they go to attack them then Hawkeye installs Zola into one of the Robots so that Zola can take over Ultron to stop him.

But Zola somehow is not able to takeover Ultron. Then Ultron and the Watcher get into a fight. Watcher escapes from there, and he goes to Evil Dr. Strange to ask for his help, and Watcher is ready to break his oath.

The Watcher VS Ultron : What If episode 8

3rd What If Episode 8
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In the What If Episode 8, we finally get to see The Watcher into action. So far in the series, The Watcher has maintained his distance from interfering with the timeline, but in this episode, Ultron finds him out and challenges to finish him so that he can destroy the whole multiverse.

Before this, Evil Dr. Strange saw The Watcher and asked for his help to stop the universe from getting destroyed, but Watcher chose to not to intervene, but now he has to break his oath otherwise, Ultron will destroy the whole multiverse.

In What If Episode 8, we see Ultron fighting with The Watcher, which was one of the best moments from the episode. The Watcher is one of the most strong persons in the MCU, and in this episode, we saw that too.

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The Watcher gave a very tough fight to Ultron even when Ultron had all the infinity stones with him. In the next episode, we will see The Watcher and Evil Dr. Strange both working together to stop Ultron from destroying the whole universe.

Hawkeye and Black Widow the New Captain America and Winter Soldier : What If Episode 8

4thWhat If Episode 8 compressed
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Hawkeye and Black Widow are one of their best friends, and they both are really close to each other, and they both have fought many battles together in the past. They both have the best chemistry in the whole Avengers group after Captain America and Winter Soldier.

Watching Black Widow and Hawkeye in the What If Episode 8 will definitely remind you of Captain America and Winter Soldier because there is a very strong resemblance in both of theirs appearances. Black Widow is having a shield, and Hawkeye has a metal arm in this episode.

Which will remind you of Captain America and Winter Soldier. Though the shield which Black Widow has is of Red Guardian’s shield and the metal arm which Hawkeye has is not made of Vibranium, but still, this appearance will be counted as a call back to the friendship and the chemistry which Captain America and Winter Soldier have.

Ultron is the Strongest Villain: What If Episode 8

5th What If Episode 8
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So far in MCU Phase 1, 2, and 3, we have seen so many villains and so many powerful villains, but Thanos turned out to be the most powerful one amongst all of them. But What If Episode 8 proves it wrong, and it shows us that if Ultron had won the battle, then Ultron would be the most powerful villain of the whole MCU.

Ultron transfers himself into the body of Vision, whose whole body is made up of Vibranium, the most strong material on Earth. Plus, the mind stone which he has adds more power to him. If Ultron would have won in the Age of Ultron, then MCU would get to see a more stronger villain than Thanos.

When Thanos arrives in What If Episode 8, Ultron kills him like he is nobody even after having 5 infinity stones with him. and the main difference between both Thanos and Ultron is, Thanos only wants to bring balance in the universe, but Ultron is not like Thanos.

Ultron wants to wipe out whole life from the universe to bring peace. This difference makes Ultron the most powerful villain of MCU because he believes in destruction.

The Good: What If Episode 8

6th What If Episode 8
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Everything about this episode is so good that it makes it the best episode of the series so far, and with the What If Episode 8, Marvel Studios has Shown its full potential. The What If Episode 8 exceeds every expectation one will have with the series.

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After watching the last 7 episodes, the expectation with this episode was not that high, but the What If Episode 8 proves everyone wrong. And now everyone is so much hyped up for the finale episode of the series.

What If Episode 8 does not have any shocking elements, but it has jaw-dropping elements in it. The story turns around in a way that you would want to see that happening in a live-action movie of MCU. There are chances that this episode will surpass your expectations with Endgame.

The Bad: What If Episode 8

What If Episode 8
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There is only a single thing that may disappoint you in the What If Episode 8, which is the death of Thanos. Thanos is the one who had wiped out half of the population from the whole universe. Thanos is the one who caused so much chaos on Earth and who is supposed to be the strongest villain of MCU.

But when Thanos meets Ultron in Vision’s body, Ultron kills him like he is nobody, which might disappoint the viewers because we wanted to see an epic fight between Thanos and Ultron, just like the fight between Thanos and Dr strange happened on planet Titan.

If there would have been a fight between both the characters, then it would have been the most perfect episode, though What If Episode 8 is still the best episode of the series.

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How did Ultron use Infinity Stone?

In eighth episode Ultron succesfully gain his mindstone infused body and he use the mind stone to defeat avenger and hack neuclear missile code and Lunch them to destroy Avenger and Every human being in the world and he succesfully do that thing.

Why can vision lift Thor’s hammer?

Vision’s Mind Stone make him worthy to lift Thor’s hammer

What is the most powerful Infinity Stone?

According to Marvel Author’s Soul Stone is the most powerful infinity stone because it is the only stone which take a sacrifise to hold

Can Ultron beat Watcher?

I think Ultron already beat Watcher and Watcher escape from Ultron. After esaping Watcher goes to Dr. stone for helping him. For the first time in Marvel Universe Watcher interfere in Marvel because Watcher is not the charecter who can interfere in any kind of matter in Universe or Multiverse.

Can Ultron defeat Galactus ?

There is no solid confirmation but I personally think that Ultron Can’t defeat Galactus. Because he is count as One of the most powerfull entity in Marvel Universe.

How Ultron Destroy Ego the Living Planet ?

Ultron send his robot army and attack randomly and heavily that destroy the whole planet.

How Ultron Destroy Asguard ?

At first Ultron Build a army with the reality stone and unite them after that he teleport through space stone and appear direct in Asguard’s Castle and Ultron destroy the castle with one blow and his army destroy the whole asgurd like piece of cake.

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