What If Episode 7 Review: Captain Marvel VS Thor


What If Episode 7: Marvel What If has made a love-hate relationship with the viewers of the show where some end up loving these episodes and on the other hand some end up hating these episodes. But one thing is common in all of these episodes so far, i.e. creative freedom.

Some episodes of the What If series have really missed the mark, but some episodes were as good as Marvel’s live-action movies. One can not be on a single side while talking about the What If Series.

What If Episode 7 compressed 1
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What If season 1 is based only on the MCU Phase 4, but the show’s second season will be based on Phase 4 of MCU. So far, seven episodes of the What If series have been released, and there are still two episodes remaining. There is going to be a total of nine episodes in the What If series, and now we will talk about the What If Episode 7.

What If Episode 7: Summary of the Episode

Ratings: 6.5/10

1st What If Episode 7
Image Credits: Comic Book | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Marvel Studios
Created By:A.C. Bradley
Directed By:Bryan Andrews
Executive Producers:A.C. Bradley
Bryan Andrews
Victoria Alonso
Louis D’Esposito
Kevin Feige
Brad Winderbaum
Captain Marvel
Jane Foster
Howard the Duck
Production House:Marvel Studios
Distributed By:Disney Platform Distribution

What If Episode 7 focuses on the story of Thor. In this alternative timeline, Odin does not adopt Loki to be his son. Instead, he returns Loki to the frost giants, which impacts the whole origin story of Thor.

In the original MCU timeline of Thor, Loki and Thor are both raised together like real brothers. Loki being a mischievous child, he pranks Thor a lot, which has a profound impact on the character development of Thor.

But in the alternate timeline, Thor is raised as the only child of Odin, which changes Thor totally from his original character. Here now, Thor is the mischievous one and the party prince of Asgard.

Thor loves to party all the time. This version of Thor does not have any quality to be a king. When Odin goes to Odinsleep, Thor’s mother leaves with her friends and orders Thor to be responsible and do not do party all the time and tells him that Heimdall is watching everything.

Thor agrees with her but after Frigga left Thor makes a plan to party with his friends. Thor’s friends tell him that Heimdall will inform Frigga about this, then Thor tells them that they are going to a very underdeveloped realm to which even Heimdall does not pay much attention.

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Thor tells them that they are going to Midgard, aka Earth. When Thor is arriving at Earth, Dr Jane Foster’s equipment gets a reading of an alien invasion to Earth, and she immediately informs about this to S.H.I.E.L.D. but they do not believe him.

Thor then arrives in Los Vegas. First, everyone fears him, but then he reveals that he is here to do a party. Thor then invites all of his alien friends, and every alien character of MCU featured till now has a cameo in What If Episode 7.

From Skrulls to members of the Guardians of Galaxy, all are on Earth partying with Thor, and even the Giant Frost version of Loki also appears at the party. Jane goes to talk to Thor for being the first one to interact with alien life on Earth. Thor and Jane both generate a crush on each other at first sight.

2nd What If Episode 7
Image Credits: The Cinemaholic | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Marvel Studios

Next morning S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives at the door of Jane Foster, and they tell her that an alien attacks Nick Fury at the party, and he is now unconscious. S.H.I.E.L.D. needs Jane’s help to stop the party.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Then uses the special weapon of Nick Fury and sends a signal to Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel then arrives at Earth and orders Thor to stop the party right now and leave Earth. Thor refuses and says to Captain Marvel that she is a Party Pooper.

Captain Marvel and Thor then get into a fight. Captain Marvel and Thor both are equally powerful, so no one wins that fight. S.H.I.E.L.D. then taunts Captain Marvel by saying that Fury said that you are the best and your one punch is equal to a nuke.

Captain Marvel suggests they to take Thor to an isolated location so that she can use her full potential because if she uses her full power, then it will destroy the whole city. To which Jane does not agree because she likes Thor.

Jane then contacts to Heimdall through her gadgets, and Heimdall transports Jane to Frigga. Jane then tells Friggs that Thor is on Earth and he is in trouble. Frigga then contacts Thor and tells him that she is coming to Earth.

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Thor then orders everyone that the party is over and asks everyone to help him clean all the mess, but no one listens to him. Thor uses his powers to make everyone listen to him, and then everyone helps him to clean all the mess.

By the time Frigga arrives at Earth, Thor manages to rearrange everything and pretends that he was on Earth to gather and share Knowledge. At the end of the What If Episode 7, Vision arrives at Earth in the Ultron suit by having six infinity stones with him.

Captain Marvel VS Thor: What If Episode 7

3rd What If Episode 7
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Captain Marvel and Thor both are in constant comparison for who is the strongest amongst them. Some believe that Captain Marvel is stronger than Thor, and some believe that Thor is stronger than Captain Marvel.

Though their battle in What If Episode 7 remains inconclusive because no one really won the battle. Thor and Captain Marvel both turned out to be equally powerful, but Captain Marvel seemed to have the upper hand in the battle.

Thor tried to hit Captain Marvel with the lightning, but that did not affect Captain Marvel a bit, and she seemed to be unaffected by the full potential of Thor, but when Captain Marvel was about to hit Thor with her full potential, Frigga interferes, and we did not get to see how it will affect Thor.

So, Captain Marvel and Thor both are very powerful superheroes, but Captain Marvel seem to have the upper hand over Thor because Thor’s lightning does not affect Captain Marvel at all, which is Thor’s core power.

Filled With Cameos: What If Episode 7

4th What If Episode 7
Image Credits: Looper | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Marvel Studios

Similarly, like the 3rd episode of What If, What If Episode 7 is also filled with multiple Cameos. Almost every alien superhero ever featured in MCU has a presence in What If Episode 7. Thor has a friendly relationship with all the alien life in the MCU.

List of Cameos:

  • Frost Giant Loki
  • Drax
  • Nebula
  • Skrulls
  • Vision
  • Rocket
  • Odin
  • Frigga
  • Heimdall
  • Korg
  • Nick Fury

And there were many more, and it is very difficult to name every cameo in the What If Episode 7.

The Good: What If Episode 7

5th What If Episode 7
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What If Episode 7 is the most entertaining episode till now in the What If Series of Marvel. The Story of the Episode is not that great; instead, the makers keep the story very simple and sweet, but the main highlight of the series is the episode is a very entertaining one.

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The character of Thor is entirely different in the What If Episode 7, and this version of Thor is more fun-loving who likes to party all the time. The main quality of this version of Thor is that he has a friendly relationship with each and every alien life in MCU.

Even Frost Giants are in a good relationship with Thor. In the main MCU timeline, Loki and Thor are both raised as real brothers, but the relationship between them is more like bitter-sweet. But in the What If Episode 7, Thor and Loki both are raised separately, but they have a much friendly relationship here.

Loki even refers to the relationship between them as Brother from another Mother, which is a jibe at their relationship in the main MCU Timeline.
So, the best quality of What If Episode 7 is that you will never get bored while watching this episode. This episode will make you smile and will entertain you the most in the whole What If Series.

The Bad: What If Episode 7

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The Bad thing about the What If Episode 7 is that it does not fit in the genre of the What If series. We expect something like which blew our mind while watching the alternate realities created by just a different decision made by the character.

Though in this episode, the story changed totally but still this episode does not have such a big impact on our mind if we compare it to the other What If Episodes. What If Episode 7 is a very light-hearted episode filled with humour and entertainment, which is something What If is not famous for.

So, after being a good episode, What If Episode 7 does not have that much impact on us.

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FAQ About What If Episode 7:

Who is more powerful Captain Marvel or Thor?

The battle between Captain Marvel and Thor remains inconclusive but Captain Marvel had the Upper Hand the.

What caused the change in the timeline of What If Episode 7?

Odin decided to return Loki back to Frost Giants which caused the change in the timeline.

Is Odin dead in What If Episode 7?

No, Odin is in Odinsleep which is the deepest sleep but he is definitely not dead.

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