Marvel’s What If Episode 6 Review: Killmonger Save Tony Stark’s Life Friend?


Marvel’s What If is one thing that is created just for fans and not for profit because Marvel Studio wants to know the genuine reaction of its true fans to all the alternate timelines in the MCU. In What If Episode 6, we see another alternate timeline that changed the whole MCU.

After knowing the reactions, there is a chance that true MCU fans get to see some of these alternate realities turning into a live-action movie or series. In some What If Episodes, the reality is slightly changed, but in some episodes, we see that the whole MCU is affected.

What If Episode 6
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Some episodes were average, and some genuinely hit it out of the park, but one thing is common in all of them that we enjoyed each and every episode of What If. Now let’s find out how What If Episode 6 faired? Does it really hit it out of the park, or it is also an average one?

What If Episode 6: Summary of the Episode

Ratings: 5.5/10

1st What If Episode 6 compressed
Image Credits: CNET | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Marvel Studios
Created By:A.C. Bradley
Directed By:Bryan Andrews
Executive Producers:A.C. Bradley
Bryan Andrews
Victoria Alonso
Louis D’Esposito
Kevin Feige
Brad Winderbaum
Starring:Tony Stark / Iron Man
Erik Killmonger
Pepper Potts
T’Chala / Black Panther
Dora Milaje
Happy Hogan
Colonel Rhodes
Production House:Marvel Studios
Distributed By:Disney Platform Distribution

What If Episode 6 starts from where the story of Iron Man began to. Attack on Tony Stark, but in this alternate timeline, Tony Stark is saved by Erik Killmonger. Just Because of this moment, Iron Man was never created in this timeline.

The Watcher then explains that Iron Man was created when Ten Rings kidnapped Tony, and there Tony came up with the idea of Iron Man, but here Tony was never kidnapped, which means the concept of Iron Man never came into existence.

Killmongar saved the man, but it killed the superhero who was about to be born. In the conference, Killmonger reveals that he knew about the attack already, and it was Obadiah Stane who planned the attack on Tony Stark.

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Tony assigns Killmonger as his bodyguard and give him the position of Obadiah. Peper feels that something is wrong with Killmonger and suspects him and even tells the same to Colonel Rhodes, Tony’s best friend.

Then Killmonger tells tony about one of his projects of creating some drones to help the military, but he fails to make it, to which Tony decides to help him with his knowledge and resources.

After trying and failing many times, Killmonger says that they need Vibranium to make the drones work. Tony says that his father used the whole Vibranium, and now he does not have any of it.

Killmonger then gives him his ring, which is made with Vibranium. Then Killmonger tells him about Klaw, who black markets Vibranium. So Tony send Colonel Rhodes to have some Vibranium from Klaw.

2nd What If Episode 6
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Pepper warns Tony that it is not a good idea and they do not deal with the black market bt Tony ignores it. When Colonel Rhodes was making a deal with Klaw for the Vibranium, Black Panther arrives there to stop them, but then Killmonger arrives there and kills T’Chala and Rhodes both.

Killmonger goes to meet Tony, but Tony knows everything which happened, and he knows that Killmonger doublecrossed him. Tony has completed the drone with the Vibranium ring of Killmonger, but Killmonger destroys the drone and kills Tony with Dora Milaje’s spear.

Which made it look like the Wakandan people had killed Tony and Rhodes, both to which the general declares war with Wakanda. Killmonger, with the help of Klaw, goes to Wakanda, and he kills Klaw too and takes him to Wakanda to prove his loyalty to Wakanda.

Killmonger tells T’Chaka that a war is coming, and T’Chaka gave the powers of a Black panther to Killmonger. Wakanda wins that fight, and they destroy all the Drones made by Stark Industries.

In the climax, we see Shuri in Pepper Pott’s office, and she knows that Killmonger is not a hero. Instead, he is the real villain. Shuri and Pepper both agree that they got the same enemy.

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World Without Iron-Man: What If Episode 6

3rd What If Episode 6 compressed
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In What If Episode 6, when Killmonger saves Tony Stark, then at the same time, he kills Iron Man because Iron Man was created when Ten Rings abducted Tony, but in this timeline, Tony is never abducted by Ten Rings hence Iron Man got never created.

This one moment in What If Episode 6 changed the whole MCU because Iron Man is the starting point of the entire MCU, and he is one of the most prominent members of Avengers, but now Iron Man does not exist which means that there will be no Avengers.

America Knows The Real Wakanda: What If Episode 6

4th What If Episode 6
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From the current MCU, everyone knows that Wakanda has always kept its real identity hidden. To the whole world, Wakanda is an impoverished country, but Wakanda is the most advanced country with technology centuries ahead of time.

When the General sends drones to attack Wakanda in the What If Episode 6, then he knows the real Identity of Wakanda, to which he says that all the Rumors about Wakanda are true. Now the world knows the real identity of Wakanda, which will affect the whole MCU.

The Good: What If Episode 6

6th What If Episode 6 compressed
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The best thing about What If Episode 6 is that it gives us a whole new alternate reality that is entirely different from the current MCU timeline and which is the main selling point of the whole What If Series.

The only similarity between What If Episode 6 and the current MCU Timeline is the start of the Episode where Ten Rings attack Tony Stark for the Jericho missile, which is totally similar to Iron Man 1. After that, whatever happens in What If Episode 6 is entirely different from the whole MCU.

There are many genuine surprising twists and turns in the story that no one will ever expect.

The Bad: What If Episode 6

7th What If Episode 6
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On paper, the What If Episode 6 seems a very strong episode, but in reality, it really misses the mark. What If Episode 6 has all the elements in it which are needed to make a What If Episode a great one, but the treatment to these elements is a huge letdown.

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There is so much happening in the episode, but yet nothing can keep your attention grabbed, and you’ll feel uninterested in the whole episode. What If Episode 6 added so many things in it that it ended up creating a mess.

The Character of Killmonger never feels that much dangerous as it was portrayed in the Black Panther movie. Killmonger is the biggest letdown in What If Episode 6. Makers put so many twists in the episode that it makes us fed up with them.

The makers really underutilized the potential of this episode by overutilizing everything.

Final Words: What If Episode 6

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In the ending words, the What If Episode 6 is a confusing point. We never really understand that it is an alternate timeline for Iron Man or Black Panther. The Episode starts as an alternate point in Iron Man, but it then transits to be an Alternate point to Black Panther.

The whole Episode confuses the viewers, and they never get us to get settled with one thing, and by the time we as viewers analysing one thing by then, the makers throw another twist in the story, which creates a whole mess in our minds.

Overall What If Episode 6 is one of the weakest episodes of the series by having the potential to be the best. What If Episode 6 is a significantly below average Episode which left the viewers confused.

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FAQ About What If Episode 6:

Who will be the next Black Panther?

There is no confirmed news about who will be the next Black Panther yet, but there are rumours that either Shuri will be the next Black Panther or Killmonger will return as the next Black Panther in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Will there be What If Season 2?

Kevin Feige had already announced that there will be a second season for the What If series.

What will What If Season 2 focus on?

What If Season 2 will focus on phase 4 of MCU.

Will the Watcher will feature in a Live-action MCU movie?

There is a high possibility that The Watcher will be featured in a Live-Action MCU movie.


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