Marvel What If Episode 5 Review: Who Caused The Zombie Apocalypse – Summary & Breakdown


Marvel is currently leading in the Superhero Genre, and What If Episode 5 is the perfect example of how creative Marvel creators have started to think. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting better and bigger from each passing phase.

Currently, MCU is in Phase 4, and Marvel has already planned everything about Phase 4, and it is blowing everyone’s minds away. Marvel decided to tell their fans about alternative scenarios that could happen in Marvel’s phases 1, 2, and 3.

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Marvel’s What If is the ocean of creativity. Makers are telling the fans if things didn’t go as planned, then how it could have changed the whole course of the Timeline. Fans are also enjoying all these alternative events and Timelines and showering their love to MCU.

What If Episode 5 Review: Summary of the Episode

Ratings: 8.5/10

1st What If Episode 5
Image Credits: Hypayle | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Marvel Studios
Created By:A.C. Bradley
Directed By:Bryan Andrews
Executive Producers:A.C. Bradley
Bryan Andrews
Victoria Alonso
Louis D’Esposito
Kevin Feige
Brad Winderbaum
Starring:Bruce Banner / Hulk
Spider-Man / Peter Parker
Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier
T’Chala / Black Panther
Sharon Carter
Hope Van Dyne
Happy Hoga
Production House:Marvel Studios
Distributed By:Disney Platform Distribution

The Marvel What If Episode 5 starts precisely from where Avengers: Infinity War started. Bruce Banner lands into the Sanctum Sanctorum to inform the Avengers that Thanos is coming, but he notices that the whole city is empty and something worst has happened here.

For a moment, Bruce thinks maybe he is late to arrive on earth, and Thanos has done what he wanted to. Then arrives the two aliens to ask to surrender to Thanos, and similarly, Hulk refuses to show up, but then Iron Man Attacks him from behind.

But then we get to know that Iron Man has become a Zombie now, and so is Wong and Dr Strange. They are about to kill Bruce Banner, but the Cloak stops Dr Strange from causing any harm to Bruce.

Then Hope arrives there, and she kills Iron Man by cutting his head from his body. Then Spider-Man takes Bruce away. Bruce does not know about Spider-Man, so he thinks he is also an alien who wants to kill or eat him.

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Then the watcher narrates the story and how this Zombie Apocalypse started. In a flashback, we see Hank Pym travels in the Quantum Realm to find his wife, but she is infected by a virus there, and she attacks Hank, and Hank also transforms into a Zombie.

Then Hank comes back into the real world and attacks both Hope and Lang, Hope dodges Hank, but Lang gets infected by Hank. Then the virus rapidly started spreading in the whole city, and everyone has transformed into a zombie now.

Then comes the Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawk Eye, and Black Panther to help and fight the zombies, but they also get failed and get infected by the virus.

Now Peter tells Bruce about the ongoing situation and how to protect himself from getting infected. Peter takes Bruce into a safe house where he meets all those Avengers who are still not infected.

2nd What If Episode 5 compressed
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Then they all get a signal of survival from the first base of Avengers, and they all decide to go there because there they can find all the equipment to find a cure. They go to the Grand Central so that they can start the train to travel to the Avengers headquarter.

But at the Grand Central, they got attacked by Hawk-Eye, Falcon, and Captain America. Hawk-Eye and Falcon attack Happy and Sharon. Happy gets infected by the virus and transforms into a zombie. Spider-Man is helping in pushing the train so that Hope can Jumpstart the engine.

Captain America attacks Sharon, but Bucky kills him using Captain’s shield, but Hope gets infected there. Then they all reach the Avengers headquarter, but Zombies cover the whole way. Then Hope shapes shift herself into a giant, and she takes all the normal members to the headquarters.

There they find Vision, who is using his mind stone to prevent zombies from entering the Headquarter. They all plan to find a big enough source to use the mind stone to cure all the zombies.

But the technology required for that only exists in Wakanda. There they discover that Vision has captured Wand, who is also a zombie now, and he is feeding her humans to kill her hunger. Wanda got released from there, and she started attacking every one of them.

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Vision told them that there was a Quint Jer that could take them to Wakanda. The Vision then sacrifices himself and gives the mind stone to them. Hulk Stays there to stop zombies from Stoping the other to escape from there. Then they all reach Wakanda safely.

History of Zombie Avengers: What if Episode 5

3rd What If Episode 5 compressed 1
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There are so far 5 issues of comics that showcase the story related to zombie Avengers. The store narrated in the comic books is similar to the What If Episode 5, but they are not all the same.

They have their fair differences, but yes, somewhere, both stories are similar. We can say that the makers have taken the inspiration for the What If Episode 5 from the comic book. There is also a virus in the comic book that changes all humans into zombies, including our beloved Superheroes.

In the comic book, after exposing to the virus, everyone’s superpowers are still intact with them, plus the level of IQ also remains the same, which also happens in the What If Episode 5. In comic books, the situation got much crazier.

Zombie Version of Thanos: What If Episode 5

4th What If Episode 5 compressed 1
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If you think Thanos in Infinity war was savage, then wait till you see the What If Episode 5, where we see the Zombie version of Thanos and that too with Infinity Stones, which looks much more savage than the live-action version of Thanos.

But if we pay attention to the Infinity Gauntlet, we see that Thanos has all the Infinity stones but Mind Stone, which is in Wakanda. So by that, the makers are teasing a fight between Zombie Thanos and his Zombie army to take Mind stone from Wakanda.

Though the fight is not shown in the What If Episode 5 but still the way Thanos made his appearance in What If Episode 5 with the Infinity gauntlet perfectly showcases that he is ready to fight.

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And the Zombie version of Thanos and his Zombie army is going to be much more brutal this time, but we have to wait till season 2 for that.

The Good: What If Episode 5

5th What If Episode 5
Image Credits: Murphy’s Multiverse | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Marvel Studios

What If Episode 5 is so far the best episode in the What If series of Marvel. The whole What If series is based on creativity and shocking elements, and What If Episode 5 ticks all the places to be an epic episode.

What If Episode 5 has so many shocking elements in it, plus the story is very much engaging. The best quality about What If Episode 5 is the length of the episode. What If Episode 5 is only 30 minutes long and in just 30 minutes, the makers have shown everything.

The episode is short and crisp. There is no unnecessary plot that drags the story. Instead, the makers have created the episode in a way that it does not lose its grip on the storyline of the episode.

The creativity level is shown in the What If Episode 5 is way much more then what was expected. The makers have nailed it this time. There were so many shocking elements in the episode in just 30 minutes of the time span.

Final Words: What If Episode 5

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In the final words, Marvel’s What If Episode 5 is the best episode of the series so far, and if someone has not watched any episode of the What If series, then he/she much watch this one. This episode will definitely give so many emotions and so much of entertainment.

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FAQ About What If Episode 5:

Will the Zombie Story continue?

No, In every What If episode makers have shown a new story so it is very unlikely that the Zombie story will be continued.

What caused the Zombie Apocalypse?

When Hank Pym travelled into Quantum Realm to find his wife Janet, Janet was already infected and from there this virus started spreading.

Which is the best episode of What If so far?

What If Episode 5 is the best episode of the series so far.

Will there be a 2nd season for What If?

Yes. Kevin Fiege has announced that there will be a What If season which will cover the events of Marvel’s Phase 4.

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