Marvel’s What If Episode 2 Review – T’Challa The New Star Lord in the House


Marvel’s What If Episode 2 is an animated Web Series specially made to explore different possibilities in the original timeline of the MCU. After Loki unlocking the multiverse, Marvel seems working really hard to make this multiverse a memorable piece of work.

MCU is also exploring the possibilities of MCU and experimenting with the same characters but in a different role this time. And that is why they have launched the What If series to explore and experiment, and then based on the reaction of fans, MCU will plan to explore these timelines further in MCU movies.

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Summary of the What If Episode 2 :

Ratings: 7/10

1st What If Episode 2
Image Credits: Newsweek | Image Source: Google | Licensed By: Marvel Studios
Created By:A.C. Bradley
Directed By:Bryan Andrews
Executive Producers:A.C. Bradley
Bryan Andrews
Victoria Alonso
Louis D’Esposito
Kevin Feige
Brad Winderbaum
Starring:Star Lord aka T’Challa
The Collector
Peter Quill
Production House:Marvel Studios
Distributed By:Disney Platform Distribution

Similarly, like the first episode, The Watcher is Narrating the whole story of What If Episode 2 also. The starting credits and the description is the same in both the episodes and probably will be the same in all upcoming episodes of the series.

What If Episode 2 is based on the story of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but this time Peter Quill is not Star-Lord, instead TChalla is the Star-Lord in What If Episode 2. T’Challa who has played Black Panther in previous MCU movies.

In What If, one different decision changed the whole outcome of the story and gave us the same Superheroes but with other characters. In What If Episode 2, a different decision is made by Yondu.

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In the original story, Yondu abducts Peter Quill because Ego told him to do so, but in What If Episode 2, Yondu does not go to abduct the kid by himself. Instead, he sent his subordinates to abduct that child for him.

2nd What If Episode 2
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And, of course, instead of Peter, they abduct T’Challa. When Yondu finds out that it’s the wrong kid, he tried to send him back, but T’Challa refused because T’Challa is a kid who loves to explore, and Yondu offers him to explore the whole universe and the whole space.

Similarly, like the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1, Star-Lord here also goes to steal space stone, and here also he got attacked by the subordinates of Ronan, who is also after the Space Stone. But in What If Episode 2, Star-Lord is very famous, and everyone knows him by his name.

In this alternate universe, T’Challa and Thanos are friends, and T’Challa has condensed Thanos to drop his idea of genociding half of the universe. Nebula approaches T’Challa with a proposal of stealing Embers of Genisis.

Embers of Genisis have the capability to terraform any planet and can solve the hunger problem of millions of worlds for millions of years. Then all the Ravagers go to steal Embers of Genisis from the Collector.

In What If Episode 2, the Collector is the main villain of the episode. The Collector has many famous weapons used in previous MCU movies in his collection, like Captain America’s Shield and Hela’s Crown, and many other famous things.

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T’Challa, Thanos, Yondu, and Nebula they all fight together and defeat the Collector. There T’Challa gets to know that Yondu has lied to him by saying that Wanda was destroyed in a war. Then after fighting with the Collector, T’Challa goes back to Wakanda to meet his baba with his new family.

In the end, Ego also finds out about Peter Quill, his son, and meets him.

What If Episode 2 – No Fight With Thanos?

3rd What If Episode 2
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In the Timeline of What If Episode 2, the Avengers are not going to fight with Thanos because, in this timeline, Thanos has dropped his idea of genociding half of the universe. The whole plot of the MCU’s phase 1,2 and 3 was solved in this alternate reality and without any fight by just some arguments.

T’Challa makes Thanos drop his idea, but Thanos still thinks that his vision is not useless and stands in favor of it. But he is not so much in favor of using it. Thanos believes that his idea is good because it is random and unbiased.

There is no clarity whether Thanos is going to collect infinity stones again or not. But looking at his attitude in What If Episode 2, the chances are very narrow.

What If Episode 2 – Every Returning Character

4th What If Episode 2 compressed
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1. T’Challa / Star-Lord:

T’Challa, who was Black Panther in previous MCU movies, is now the Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy. One Different decision and some other character lands into the shows of some other character.

2. Thanos:

Thanos is still the mad titan in this timeline, but he is not a villain now. Thanos has returned as a friend in What If Episode 2. He even does not want to kill half of the universe this time because Star-Lord has made him change his mind.

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3. Yondu:

Yondu is very much like the same person he was in Guardians of the Galaxy. The only difference this time is that he made a different decision this time which changed the whole plot of the storyline.

4. Nebula:

Nebula is not in an evil mood in this timeline, she is still the adopted daughter of Thanos, but she is not a villain. Thought she also tries to double-cross the group, but in the end, she ends up in favor of the group.

What If Episode 2 – Review

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The very first episode of the What If series exceeded all our expectations. On the other hand, the What If Episode 2 was a bit underwhelming from our expectations, maybe because we expected a lot from this episode after the success of the first episode.

In What If Episode 2, the makers messed up the whole story, and it feels like the makers are trying too much to give us shock after shock and end up creating a mess.

The whole plot of MCU’s Phase 1,2, and 3 were based on Thanos and infinity stones, but in this episode, they showed that thing like a very small issue that could be solved merely by just a logical argument.

So, it feels like Avengers risked their lives for nothing, and if Avengers could have tried to put an argument, maybe Tony Stark would be alive right now. So, the second episode of What If is a bit underwhelming and feels like a mess.

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