Marvel What If Episode 1 Breakdown (Must Read): Captain Carter : New Infinite Possibilities of the Multiverse

The first episode of Marvel’s new Disney+ show What If…. dropped today on the Hotstar Disney+ app and website and is available for only premium users. What If Episode 1 is all about the alternative outcomes of previous Marvel movies.

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Marvel’s What If Episode 1 Breakdown: Summary of Episode 1

Ratings: 8.5/10

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What If Episode 1 – Captain Carter were the First Avenger released on 11th August 2021. The first episode of the series is based on a possible alternative outcome from another parallel universe, that What if Captain Carter were the first Avenger instead of Steve Rogers?

The Watcher is narrating the story to the viewers. Watchers are extraterrestrial beings in the MCU who watches everything but can not interfere because watching everything is their only job.

The first episode starts from the middle of Captain America: The First Avenger, when Steve Rogers was about to get the Super Soldier Serum, but in this episode, Agent Carter made a different choice by not going up to the cabin instead of staying down with Steve.

This different choice created an alternative outcome in the timeline, and instead of Steve Rogers, Agent Carter ends up being the Super Soldier. Steve Rogers is still the skinny Steve Rogers, but later, he’s also assigned a very important duty.

At the time of World War II, no one wants a girl as a frontline soldier. Similarly, Agent Carter faces the situation that no one accepts her as a soldier and believes that the experiment is being wasted by making Carter a Super Soldier.

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But Agent Carter does not stop there, and she continues to prove herself a worthy soldier, and Howard Stark helps her and makes a costume for her plus a Vibranium shield which was created for Steve Rogers.

Then Agent Carter becomes Captain Carter and fights Hydra. The rest story of the episode is very similar to Captain America: The First Avenger. In What If…. Episode 1, Captain Carter seems more powerful than Steve Rogers in other MCU movies.

Later Stark builds an Iron-Suit for steve Rogers, very similar to Hulkbuster, and names him Hydra Stomper. Captain Carter and Hydra Stomper fight together against Hydra to stop them from using the Tesseract cube.

The climax of What If Episode 1 is totally different from Captain America, but the final outcome of both is the same. Just like Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain Carter was also gone for 70 years and reappeared with Nick Fury and Hawkeye 70 years later.

In What If, Captain Carter also promised a dance to Steve Rogers, but this time she was unable to fulfill his promise just like Captain America.

Marvel’s What If Episode 1 : Who is Hydra Stomper?

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Hydra Stomper is the new character introduced in What If Episode 1. Howard Stark builds a suit of armor which he believes is indestructible. Stark designed that suit for skinny steve rogers so that he can also contribute to the war and does not feel like left out.

Stever Rogers was the initial choice to be the Super Soldier. Still, due to some alternative choices, Agent Carter ends up being the Super Soldier, and Steve Rogers left as skinny as he was. But then using the Hydra Stomper Steve Rogers also become an essential part of fighting against Hydra.

Hydra Stomper is very similar to Tony Stark’s Iron-Suit, especially Hulkbuster, because Hydra Stomper is also as big as Hulkbuster. Hydra Stomper is a new introduction in What If, and it never existed in any comic books.

Marvel’s What If Episode 1 : Every Returning Cahracter from MCU

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Agent Carter:

Agent Carter was a very important chapter in the storyline of Captain America: The First Avenger. She is the love interest of Steve Rogers, who has a profound influence on the character of Steve. Agent Carter was last time seen in Avengers: Endgame.

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In What If Episode 1, Agent Carter is the main Proganist of the story, and in this series, Agent Carter becomes the Super Soldier and is named Captain Carter.

Skinny Steve Rogers:

Skinny Steve Rogers was introduced in the first Captain America movie. He is the one we now know as Captain America. In What If, Steve Rogers does not become the Super Soldier and stays as skinny Steve Rogers, but he later becomes the Hydra Stomper in the series.

Nick Fury:

Nick Fury is the person who founded the Avengers Initiative and assembles the very first team of superheroes to protect the world from alien invasion. In What If episode 1, Nick fury also returns for a brief period of time only in the climax of the series.

Bucky Barnes:

Bucky Barnes is the best friend of Steve Rogers and a very essential part of the storyline of Avengers Phase 1,2 & 3. Bucky Barnes becomes the winter soldier in the second Captain America movie.

In What If Episode 1, Bucky Barnes does not seem to become a Super Soldier. We have to wait for other episodes to see who will end up as the new Winter Soldier.

Marvel’s What If Episode 1 : The Real Idea Behind What If

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What If is created to show us our favorite characters in a different role that we have already seen in other MCU movies. This is the main selling point of What If. In MCU’s phase, 4, MCU is focusing on Multiverse.

And what better than What If to show us all the crazy things we may witness in the upcoming MCU Phases. What IF is going to tell us what to expect from the Multiverse. We may see the same character or superhero played by another character in the MCU’s phase 4.

What If Episode 1 may be the stepping stone into the Multiverse we are about to witness in the upcoming MCU phases. MCU is working really hard to give the fans what they wanted.

Marvel’s What If Episode 1 : Review

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What If Episode 1 was more than we expected from the series. Marvel Studios continues to amaze us with their writing. What If Episode 1 is the most perfect platform to launch our favorite Agent Carter as Captain Carter.

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Captain Carter is faster and stronger than Captain America. As Super Soldier Serum changed the body of Steve Rogers, it also changed the body of Captain Carter. She is taller and more robust now.

Most of the storyline of What If Episode 1 is similar to the first movie of Captain America because What If Episode 1 is based on the first Captain America movie and shows us the most possible outcome if Agent carter would have become the Supersoldier in the movie.

Marvel’s What If has exceeded all our expectations in the first episode of the series. It looks like that other episodes of the series are going to do the same.

Marvel’s What If Episode 1 : Possiblity of the Future of What If.

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All the episodes of What If are going to be interlinked as MCU live-action movies, which are officially announced and confirmed by the creators of the series and by Kevin Feige himself, so it is confirmed that Captain Carter is going to be in almost every episode of the series.

What If is going to be very similar to the MCU’s Phase 1,2 & 3, but in this series, all the prominent superheroes are going to be played by another character. We have to wait for other episodes to see which chapter is going to be which superhero.

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FAQ About What If Episoe 1:

What Happend Next in Marvel What if?

I Personally think that next episode of What if will be on the Iron man. Because Marvel launch it on a purpose I will reveal that purpose if my next theory will proved. Iron Man and Kill Monger will be the next amazing episode

Is what if…. First episode is better than Loki?

I think First episode of Loki is better than this because ‘Loki’ series opened a path for Multiverse.

Is what if…. First episode is better than Wanda Vision?

Yes Definately It’s first episode is better than Wanda Vision series because First episode of that series is too slow to watch and not a typical marvel content.

Is what if…. First episode is better than The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

Yes it is better than the first episode of the Falcon and the Winter soldier.

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