What Is One Piece: My Analysis? 

Hello friends, I am still watching One Piece. I was always wondered about what One Piece really is? Is it so much money or so much power?.

Today I will tell you about my analysis and what I have noticed crazy things about this anime. Today we will discuss them. Let's start

We know that One Piece anime is all about world-building, but it is actually beyond that. One Piece is all about freedom. Our Main character Luffy visits so many countries to find One Piece.

But after going there, They solve the problems of that area and make them free absolutely. Luffy wants to be King of pirates because he thinks Pirate King is the freest Person.

In One Piece, Pirates are not necessarily bad, and Marines are not necessarily good. Luffy shows actual free will, and his power is rubber, which shows his flexibility and his will.

In One Piece World government, so obessed with stopping the pirates, finds the One Piece. Here is so much politics involved in this anime that feels so real. They destroy the 800th void century story.

My theory is that One Piece is not a treasure or something material things. It is a world everyone dreams about where nobody will be discriminated against.

Everyone tastes the actual freedom, and All nations and see will become one. That's why they called it One Piece. What do you think?

There are so many things I want to tell you about, but this is not possible here in such a short time. I will write another part about it and tell you more about it.

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