Vikrant Rona Trailer Review : New Taste Of Kannad Film

A new movie trailer was released after KGF chapter 2 named Vikrant Rona. Film critics say that film is great. Let's discuss it.

The trailer is based on both themes of Treasure Hunt and Murder mystery. It's quite interesting also to watch.

Kachha Sudip is the main cast for this Vikrant Rona. Story-based on him. He goes to a mysterious village to solve a murder mystery, but after we went there, we got involved somehow.

We can't predict the story from its trailer because the trailer intentionally hides it properly to create suspense.

The visual of this movie is incredible, and the camera angle is great. When you watch, it gives you satisfaction.

Expectations from the movie after watching this trailer is great, and let's see what happens with the movie.

The trailer is very great at all. It also comes in 3d, which is also great to watch. India is also progressing in 3d, which is more encouraging. Let's see what haappens.

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