Top 7 Anime Betrayal, Ranked

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Betrayal always gives us shock and surprise and also breaks our hearts. Today we will talk about Top 7 Anime Betrayal. Let's start

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We never thought that Orochimaru is powerful enough to kill Sarutobi because he is Orochimaru's teacher.

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7. Orochimaru Killed Sarutobi

When Obito realises that what he is doing is wrong and lots of good things can happen in Future, he betrays Madara in the final moment. Which is truly shocking

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6. Obito betray Madara

Malty hates Shield's hero, but she is pretending to love him, and a few moments later, we know that she creates all the drama to accuse Naofumi. 

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5. Malty falsly accused Naofumi

Griffith Sacrifices The Band Of Hawk For His God Hand Ambitions In Berserk. Which was a shock and crazy betrayl.


4. Griffith Sacrifise

We never thought Sasuke betray Konoha and will join Orochimaru, who wanted to use his body for reincarnation. 

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3. Sasuke joins Orochimaru

Reiner is Armor Titan, and Bertholdt is colossal titan; when they reveal this, it is too much for Eren and all of us to handle.

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2. Reiner and Bretholdt betray survay cops

A man slaughters his entire clan alone, even killed his parents. All of this for the sake of the whole Village. This is very painful for both sides.

1. Itachi slaughter his whole clan

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