Top 7 Things You Must Do If You Want Earn Money Online

7. Create or Buy A Instagram Channel which gave you opportunity to work with brands and earn money from them and ammount can be great if your channel is grows 1 million followers.

6. Build a Community on Reddit or Quora building a community is not giving you the direct money but it can give you the option to redirect your audience to other sources like blog or youtube

5. Join Facebook survey Join facebook survey and give your opinion to them and you will generate money but ammount will not be huge.

4. Facebook Page Facebook Page has lots of potential but you have to spent time more than other platform to grow it.

3. Affiliate  you can start affiliate marketing. Sell product through the blog or channels or paid ads and generate money from commison.

2. Youtube you will work with brands and adsense if your channel is grown big and you can generate tons of money.

1. Create A Blog or Ecommerce Site  This will give you the opportunity to work with brands and it creates multipal income source rather than adsense.

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