Top 7 Strongest Old Man In Anime

In anime, older men are not only for guidance but also excellent fighters.

Some are insanely powerful, but even now, we don't see their full power.

Their battle experience gives them an extra edge to fight against a strong opponent. Let's take a look.

7. Makorov's power is so great that only a few characters in Fairy Tail can bear that.

6. Master Roshi Teacher of Goku, Imagine how crazy strong he is. Even his age is 100+. 

5. Garp can easily kill admiral Akainu. His mastery of Haki is insanely powerful. He was a rival of Roger.

4. Whitebeard's one hand with full power is enough to destroy the world.

3. Zeus can easily beat 2 gods together in Record of Ragnarok.

2. Rayleigh, first met and right hand man of King of Pirates, experts of all Haki.

 1. Netero's Guniyan Bodhisatva is too amazing to handle. His immense power and ability is incredible.

The Tops 10

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