Top 7 Strongest Non-Devil Fruit Users Alive In One Piece

7. Kong He became World Govt commander in chief without help of any devil fruits that shows the power of him

6. Sanji He single handedly beat Kaido's second man. Sanji’s substitute for Devil Fruit is his Diable Jambe.

5. Zoro Zoro appear from one piece 1st episode. Dedication and determination who give his whole life to became best swordsman in the world. He spent two years to train with mihawk.

4. Silvers Rayleigh Aka Dark king and first met of Gol D. Roger and became his right hand. He has mastery over all 3 kinds of Haki.

3. Mihawk Mihawk is the strongest swordsman and his first appearence is badass. He is also a non devil fruit user.

2. Garp Garp was so strong that even Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, wasn’t able to defeat him. Just imagine his power without devil fruit.

1. Shanks He is also a member of roger pirates and He is the strongest yonko now. Now he is the strongest Haki user and 2nd strongest swordsman.

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