Top 7 Strongest Devil Fruit Users Alive In One Piece

Today we will talk about the strongest devil fruit users in One piece after Wano. Lots of things happen in Wano. Let's start

7. Law Law and Kid beat big mom, and their bounty is now 3 billion berries. Law's devil fruit makes him God within a certain area. His devil fruit count as one of the strongest devil fruits of all.

6. Eneru His devil fruit power, like summoning and creating thunder, makes him unbeatable. His devil fruit counts as an inevitable category.

5. Big Mom Big mom devil fruit gives him the power to control souls, which is truly terrifying and makes her scarier.

4. Kaido One of the most powerful ancient Zoan dragon-type devil fruit, and his super-powerful haki make him very very strong.

3. Whitebeard Whitebeard's devil fruit is so strong that he can destroy the whole world with just a bare hand because he can create an earthquake with a punch or grab the air.

2. Blackbeard The only person in one piece who has more than one devil fruit. He acquired 2nd devil fruit after killing whitebeard. And another one gives access to control darkness and blackhole.

1. Luffy He gets the most powerful zoan devil fruit known as Gomu-Gomu No fruit and Hito-Hito Nomi Model Nika fruit, making him a literal Sun God.

The Tops 10

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