Top 7 Robert Downey Jr. Movie Of All Time

RDJ's tragic past and how he changed himself and kept improving. This attitude of his life we saw in every movie of MCU. Today we list best 10 movies of RDJ.

7. Judge This movie is about a father and son relationship. We all know that RDJ became a Drug addict because of His father. Robert was emotional when he was making that movie.

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6. Avangers Endgame Rdj shows how a legend leaves through this movie. I don't think that Nobody will forget that moment when he snaps and destroy the whole Thanos army.

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5. Avangers  How a person changes and sides his Own ego for everybody's sake,  RDJ shows and makes us feel that through the character of Tony Stark in this movie.

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4. Sherlock Holmes Any other actor plays Sherlock Holmes, but RDJ is on another level. If actual sherlock holmes exist, it should look and behave just like him. 

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3. Trophic Thunder RDJ is known for his perfection, but this movie is, on the whole, on another level, and we witness RDJ's amazing acting skills.

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2. Iron Man This is the movie where MCU and RDJ both journey began, and we don't see the Marvel now if this movie flopped. RDJ's acting wins every fan's heart.

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1. Chaplin you will never think that RDJ is on the screen. It looks like actual Charlie Chaplin is just talking . This is more than acting I feel. He live as Chaplin.

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The Tops 10

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