Top 7 Most Strongest Eye Abilities in Anime

March 11, 2022


Mappa Studio

Pierrot Studio

In anime Eyes are one of the main power source. Today we will discuss 7 Most Strongest Eye Abilities in Anime. Let's start 

7. Dragon Ball's Soler Flare

Toei Animation Studio

Dragon Ball Soler Flare can create a high brightness like sun and make any opponent blind and give them a opening to attack. 

6. Soul Eater's Free Demon's Eye

Studio Bones

This eyes allows user to manipulate ice and create a deception, illusions and His canon attack is one of the purest and powerfull attack

5. The Shinigami Eyes

Madhouse Studio

In death note you know about shinigami eyes. if you have this eyes you can watch every person's lifespan and their names. 

4. Kurapika's Scarlet Eyes

Madhouse Studio

Kurapika's scarlet eyes you can't imagine what power it possess. It make kurapika speciaist nen user. This eye give him to controll over all the nen types. 

3. Gojo's Six Eyes

Mappa Studio

Gojo's limitless abilities comes through his legendary eye's he possess. here you can also time space and it increase your stamina and power.

2. Lelouch's Geass


Lelouch geass can controll over your everything it very powerful but it's drawback is you can only use it once for every person.

1. Sharingan

Pierrot Studio

Sharingan posses to many power you can't imagine. It have different varient and different abilities for each user. This eyes can control time space like tsukyuomi and Kamui.

The Tops 10

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