Top 7 Most Powerful Demon Slayer Swords

Feb 2, 2022


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7. Amber Nichirin Sword

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This sword perticularly hold by Tenzen Uzui. It can move with the speed of sound. That makes this sword very powerful.

6. Lavender Nichirin Sword

This sword hold by sarpent hashira Obanai Iguro. This sword has many twist  and turns like snake. 

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5. Gray Nichirin Sword

This sword holds by Gyomei. This sword wield much more power with vibrations which make the best for weilder like Gyomei's physical strength and stamina.

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4. Red Nichirin Sword 

This sword is used by none other than Rengoku. The heat from Rengoku turns this sword red and make this very powerful.

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3. Green Nichirin Sword

Sanemi Shinazugawa weild this sword. This swordis the best for Wind Breathing Style which defines guts and torrents.

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2. Purple Nichirin Sword

This sword is the symbol of the moon breathing style. This swords also has eyes attached. This sword wield by Kokushibo.

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1. Black Nichirin Sword

This sword use by Tanjiro and Yoriichi. This sword can perform Breath Of The Sun God. 

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