Top 7 Most Impactful Arc In Naruto Series

Feb 24, 2022


7. Land Of Wave

In Land Of Wave Arc, Team 7 fights with Zabusa and Haku. Here we see the first most importent battle in Naruto and we see Naruto and Sasuke teamwork

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6. Chunin Exam

In chunin exam he saw many remarkble fight like Rock lee vs Gara, Neji vs Naruto and This exam arc is the base where Naruto story start to plot.

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5. Five Kage Summit

In The Five kage Summit we see many importent decision about War and Danzo real truth and Motive, Sasuke vs Danzo and many other things.

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4. The Tale Of Jiraiya Gallant Arc

This arc shows how Jiraiya become Jiraiya the legendary Sanin. This arc shows of this gutsy ninja and about the prophesy. This is the main turning event.

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3. The Fated Battle Between The Brothers 

This is the epic fight between Itahci and Sasuke. This fight is not only the conflict of brothers but also this is the conflict of emotions. You will learn many of things.

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2. 4th Great Ninja War

In 4th great ninja war shows many epic battles. Hashirama vs madara, Obito vs Kakashi, Madara vs Naruto Sasuke, Kaguya vs Naruto and Sasuke and Many epic battles.

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1. Pain Arc

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This arc is most philosophical and give you a deep impact on you. This arc teach you many lessons. Pain vs Jiraiya and Pain vs Naruto is epic battle.

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