Top 7 Anime Perfectionists Who Hold Themselves To The Highest

Feb 20, 2022


Bones studio

7. Johan Liebert

Madhouse Studio

In Monster Anime writer shows Johan as perfect, How he walks, how he talks, how he planned everything is just perfect

6. Killua

Madhouse studio

Killua don't want to mistake any strategies. He is the perfect strategist and he seems like L sometimes in terms of analytical skill.

5. Roy Mustang

Studio Bones

Roy Mustang from FMAB is a perfect charecter. His badass nature, gratitude, rescue her comrades and believe in himself make him a perfectionst

4. Senku


In Dr. Stone Senku is a genius when he tried to make something he won't stop until he make it perfectly. 

3. Light Yagami

Madhouse Studio

He wants to be perfect and he is the perfect. His nature, his calculation, his analytical skill without any error make him a perfectionst

2. Eren Yeager

Mappa Studio

Eren, in AOT seson 4 part 2 everyone witnessed his strategy and his ambition and how he execute that perfectly without any error. 

1. Madara Uchiha

Pierrot Studio

Ah, Madara set the example of perfection. He make a plan for 100 years after his death and everything is executed perfectly. It's on whole another level.

The Tops 10

Toei Animation Studio

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