Top 7+ Jutsu Used By Naruto Uzumaki

Feb 22, 2022


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8. Planetary Russengan

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This planetary russengan is very much powerfull that even pain was shocked. That Make this 8th strongest justu

7. Rassengan Barrage

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Rassengan barrage was used when Naruto want to control Kurama's chakra. Even Kurama was shocked

6. Super Big Ball Rasenshuriken

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In 4th great Ninja war naruto used it. This is very powerful jutsu in his arsenal.

5. Multi Shadow Clone

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This is the most used Jutsu in Naruto Series. Naruto used it efficiantly and When he used it with Kurama Chakra and Sage mode this thing will very powerfull

4. Lava Release Rasenshuriken

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Lava release Rassenshuriken is truely very powerfull that it cut down the entire Divine Tree in a Blow.

3. Super Tailed Beast RasenShuriken

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Naruto's super tailed beast Rasenshuriken is truely powerful even Madara was in struggle to counter it.

2. Baryon Mode

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Naruto's Baryon Mode is the strongest mode of his all time. Here he fused with Kurama Chakra and get more power in every Jutsu.

1. Ultra Big Ball Rassenshuriken

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Six paths : Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken. This is the ultimate form of rassengun and Rassenshuriken. This is consider as strongest jutsu of Naruto.

The Tops 10

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