Top 7+ Best Anime Like Attack On Titan

Feb 25, 2022


Mappa & Wit Studio

8. Promise Neverland

This series you may expect in the tops but if we consider S2 of Promise neverland then it would be in top. Plot, suspence, sacrifise and strong charecter all reminds you Attack On Titan until S2.

Cloverworks Studio

7. Kabanari Of The Iron Fortress

Another well made of Wit Studio after AOT and both are so similar. Even plot, male charecter like Eren and many more thing nut it's all in a unique way.

Wit Studio

6. Parasyte

Dark and Psychological storyline of Parasyte and it's brutality with blood make this anime good binge watch for AOT Fans

Madhouse Studio

5. Drifters

Drifters dark and cgi based action with great storyline, travel in the past and brutal action sequence make this series likable for a AOT fans. 

Hoods drifters Studio

4. Goblin Slayer

Tragic past, obsessed with killing the Goblins and Dark and Mature tones with lot of suspence make this series 4th best anime like AOT.

White Fox Studio

3. Black Bullet

Just like Attack On Titan has similar theme in Black Bullet. Here it called as" outside threat". Main difference is charecter attitude and belief for a " better world"

Kinema Citrus Studio

2. Future Dairy

Twist and Turns make it feel you that you see different version of Attack On Titan. It's brutal and dark theme make it to the close to Attach on Titans.

Asread Studio

1. Death Note

Madhouse Studio

There are Similarities between Light and Eren. Their Ideology towards are kinda same and even twist and turns with Dark theme make this series to the closest of Attack On Titan.

The Tops 10

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