Top 10 Anime Trailer That Broke The Internet

April 12, 2022


Ufotable Studio

8. Chinsaw Man

Mappa Studio

Chinsaw man's unique concept and Mappa studio anime make this movie trailer very popular.

7. My Hero Academia : World Heros

Bones Studio

In a very least time MHA is become one of the most popular anime shows ever because of its world building. It's popularity make it ovious.

6. Bleach : Thousend Years Blood

Pierrot Studio

Bleach is also very popular and first genre shonen anime. Over the decade it's fans are still crazy which make this movie trailer broke the internet.

5. Boruto : Naruto The Movie

Pierrot Studio

After the huge succes and great storyline of Naruto, It's very much expected that Boruto : Naruto The Movie Will Broke The internet.

4. Dragon Ball Super Broly

Toei Animation Studio

Dragon Ball is first popular shonen anime which have a huge fanbase all over the world. It's pretty easy for DBS movie trailer broke the internet.

3. One Piece 1000

Most consistent with amazing story and worldbuilding make very great ammount of crazy who were ready to broke the internet on 1000th episode of One Piece

Toei Animation Studio

2. Demon Slayer

In very very short amount of time Demon Slayer gain so many audience that you can't imagine it's popularity make this to break all records on movie and trailer both

Ufotable Studio

1. Attack On Titan Final Season

Mappa Studio

Ah...Everytime I thought AOT is at it's limit now but after the final season it destory all of the previous records. It's set a new record of all time.

The Tops 10

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