Top 7 Anime Main Charecter Weaker Than Naruto

Feb 21, 2022


Bones studio

7. Izuku Midoriya

Studio Bones

All for one have so much strength but Naruto have greater reflex and Stamina. Naruto Sage mode and Kurama mode can handle Izuku easily.

6. Killua

Madhouse studio

Killua have attack like Chidori or fast movemnt and durability is enough to make Naruto struggle to beat Killua but killua will lose if Naruto goes Sage of Six Path mode.

5. Light Yagami

Madhouse Studio

Light Yagami is one of the smartest charecter in all time anime but in terms of raw strength Light lacks it. Here Naruto will win without wasting any sweat.

4. Senku


Senku has intelligence but in terms of Raw power Senku does not have any chance. Naruto base mode is enough to beat Senku.

3. Tanjiro

Ufotable Studio

Tanjiro is a skillfull sword weilder but Naruto have his fast reflex , better strength, incredible jutsu's which make here Naruto Stronger.

2. Edward Elric

Bones Studio

Edward'd alchemy has limited ability which can't be enough to beat Naruto base  Chakra Mode. Edward have to something strategically but Naruto is Smart.

1. Eren Yeager

Mappa Studio

Eren's Founding Titan Power is not enogh to beat Naruto Sage Of Six Path. One Lava Russenshuriken is enough to beat all Collosal Titans.

The Tops 10

Mappa Studio

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