Top 5 Players In Haikyuu Till Season 4  

Dec 14, 2021


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5. Korai Hoshiumi

He is the best rival of Hinata, not only because of his height similar to Hinata but also his jump is and everything is much better than Hinata.

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4. Oikawa

The Great King ! His godlevel serve and as a setter he is incredible also. Oikawa is the only player who can make play Aoba Josai at full potential

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3. Atsumu Miya

Atsumu is the Kageyama's rival. He get best setter awarded in the  all Japan. He also played for Japan National Vollyball club.

Prodiction I.G studio

The Tops 10

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2. Ushiwaka

Ushiwaka is like one man army. He is too much perfect at almost everything as a Spiker. His power serve and his fitnees and height is unreal.

Prodiction I.G studio

1. Kageyama

Prodiction I.G studio

At the prefacture Level Kageyama is the only player who has a great talent as a setter. He selected for Japan National Team Practise in the First year