Top 5 Foreign Movie & Web series Only for Adults

March 10, 2022



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We all love to watch adult web series and Movies secretly. Today we will talk about 5 Web Series & Movies. Hope You will enjoy. Don't watch those with your family

5. Love and Leashes


This series will not showing what you think but it will show you. Confused? Watch it first. You will love it pretty sure.

4. Vikings Valhalla


This series is based the named on Popular series Vikings. It will check your mental strength. After watching this series you will thank me for sure.

3. Borat

20th Century Fox Studio

This is a basically movie where you see the weirdest movie ever. Here you will get thing what you want get to click here but in a weird way.

2. Devilman Crybaby


This series will definatly feel you very dark thing. This is not for everyone's cup of tree. If you are adult, should definatly watch this. 

1. Friends With Benefits

Sony Pictures Studio

This is the most famous adult movie ever. Even now days friend with benefits is a literraly social term to mean that thing with friends.

The Tops 10

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