Top 10 Vice Captains of One Piece

In One Piece Vice Captains playes a Major Role, They  can change the battle situation

They are as capable as Captain even some of them are become legendary in One Piece.

10. Beppo have amazing knowledge that he can easily navigate grandline without any log pose.

9. Killer is cared about his crew very much and He claim that he can beat Zoro.

8. Shiryu can bear Whitebeard indirect shock wave and Sengoku's direct Shockwave.

7. Intelligent and vice captain of Revoloutionary army Sabo is carrying Portugas D. Ace's will and also his devil fruit. 

6. King is the right hand of Kaido. He have all the authtority as Kaido. He have ancient zoan devil fruit.

5. Katakuri obervation Haki is whole another level. He can do everything  to protect his family.

4. Marco's Intelligence and Battle Iq is great and his ancient zoan devil fruits give him a extra edge 

3. Zoro's loyalty and care about crew is greater than his dream to become Strongest swordsman.

2. Ben Beckman is the smartest person in One Piece Universe even Kizaru fears him.

 1. Rayleigh is the first mate of Roger Pirates and he masterd all types haki and He teach Shanks, Buggy and Luffy. All Become Yonko now.

The Tops 10

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