Top 10 Strongest Forbidden Jutsu In Naruto Series

Feb 23, 2022


10. Rassenshuriken

Rassenshuriken is most harmful jutsu for the user because when it used chakra cells of the User can be damage if he/she is not strong enough.

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9. Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

In entire Naruto series only Naruto can use this Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu massively. This jutsu distribute chakra among in the clone also. If you haven't much chakra you can be die.

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8. Curse Mark Seal

The cruse mark seal developed by Orochimaru. This seal give power who posses the curse mark but it can be life threating also.

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7. Byakugou

This 100 healing jutsu is consider as one of the most powerfull healing jutsu. Onle Lady Tsunade and Sakura can activate this.

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6. Chiyao's Reanimation Jutsu

This jutsu only know by Granny Chiyao. This jutsu save Gara's life after extracting Shikoku by Akatsuki.

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5. The Reaper Death Seal

Death Ripper Seal can seal any powerfull creature. This seal was used by 3rd and 4th Hokage to seal Orochimaru's hand and 9 tailed fox.

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4. 8th Inner Gate

This mean is death. If user unlock all 8 inner gate he will die for sure but before die he posseses massive strength and chakra whichis the close to sage of six path

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3. Izanami & Izanagi

Izanagi is one of the strongest genjutsu because it gives the user a second chance of Life and Izanami was created for stop Izanagi. In the series Itachi perform Izanami.

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2. Edo Tensei

It is the most dengerous jutsu. It can bring back death people in under control of the jutsu caster. This is the most used jutsu in 4th great Ninja war. 

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1. Rinne Tensei

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Rinne Tensei can bring people back in Life. If anyone can sacrifise his life for saving many people rinne tensei can do that.

The Tops 10

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