Top 10 Favourite Anime Main Charecter All Time

there are lots of anime In this world that we can't see everything

I will tell you some of my favourite charecter of all time from those I have seen.

10. Lelouch intelligence is extreem

9. Edward Elric motive to make his brother normal shows his greatness.

8. Shoyo Hinata dedication towards his passion motivate me also.

7. Gon's determination make him exceptional

6. Saitama one punch is almost enough to beat anyone.

5. Light Yagami's intelligence make him capable to rule the world

4. Eren Yeager's twisted mind can make surprise anyone

3. Luffy's adventurous soul is so much exciting

2. Naruto's never give up attitude will weaken you

 1. Goku's innocence with power makes him most likable.

The Tops 10

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