Top 10 Fan Favourite Charecter From Naruto Series

10. Hashirama Senju A overwhelmingly powerfull and kind person and the first Hokage in Naruto.

9. Might Guy Most funny, bindass and most powerfull taijutsu user in Naruto series.

8. Obito Uchiha A heartbreaking lover, funny, Incredible sharingan ability and amazing intelligence.

7. Kakashi Hatake Most loving and caring teacher and amazing hokage.

6. Pain / Nagato Tragic life, greatness and incredible rinnegan user in Naruto Series.

5. Sasuke Uchiha Seek for  vengeance, focused, Strong rinnegan and sharingan user which make him most powerfull uchiha.

4. Madara Uchiha Most badass villain, insanely powerful, Fighting is fun to him, One man army, Madara vs 5 kages insane fight.

3. Jiraiya More Like a Father rather than a teacher, Funny, pervert, legendary sanin and greatness in his heart.

2. Naruto A lonely boy, gain his love sacrifisng himself again and again, want to prove his existence to the world, painful past and most powerful charecter.

1. Itachi Uchiha Most painful and tragic life, a rough ninja priotize his village over than everything. Unique sharingan and susanoo ability.

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