Top 10 Clans Of Naruto and Boruto Series

Jan 15, 2022


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10. Nara

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Nara is Shikamaru's clan. His shadow possession jutsu can hold anyone from using Justu.

9. Raikage

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Their Lightning justu can destroy almost anything. This justu make them so powerful.

8. Sarutobi

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This is third Hokage Hiruzen's clan. This clan is most loyal and can do anything for saving the village.

7. Aburame

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Their insect ability is insane. Their insect eat chakra of opponent without their knowing and Living inside the body of clan members.

6. Kazekage

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Their sand controll ability can make ultimate defence and attack at the same time. This very powerful clan from the begining of the series.

5. Hyuga

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This clan's member posesses to see the chakra point in human's body and they also have the power of blocking chakra flow. This is insane.

4. Senju

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Their chakra reservs and psychical ability make them stronger more than anyone. They also have healing power.

3. Uzumaki

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This clan possess to sealing jutsu. They use funjutsu. That make them more powerful and they also have great will power.

2. Uchiha

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Most well known clan in this series is Uchiha. They inherit the ability of tracking movements and power to use genjutsu in just looking at the eyes.

1. Otsutsuki

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They hold the power of god. They have mastered every part of chakra. Their technique is not use by anyother clan. They can create the Jutsu. 

The Tops 10

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