Top 10 Best Anime According To Japanese Fans

April 28, 2022


Pierrot Studio

10. Hunter x Hunter

Madhouse Studio

It gets 16,000 votes. This anime is very popular among all over the globe.


Bones Studio

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood gets 18,500 votes.

8. Haikyuu !!

Production I.G Studio

Haikyuu !! gets 18,700 votes. This is unique and amazing sports anime based on vollyball.

7. Naruto

Pierrot Studio

Naruto gets 19,800 votes. This is a legendary anime. This anime have crazy fan following.

6. Attack On Titan

Wit and Mappa Studio

Attack On titan gets 21,900 votes. AOT is at peak now world-wide.

5. Dragon Ball

Toei Animation Studio

Dragon ball series get 22,400 votes. This another first gen legendary anime. This is the god father of all shounan animes.

4. Detective Conan

TMS entertainment Studio

Detective Conan gets 25,400 votes. Detective conan makes his popularity through out the whole 2 decades.

3. Slam Dunk

Toei Animation Studio

Slam Dunk Gets 26,700 votes. Its popularity in Japan is crazy.

2. Demon Slayer

Ufotable Studio

Demon Slayer gets 29,100 votes. A season and A movie makes this series very much popular which is very rare to see.

1. One Piece

Toei Animation Studio

One piece gets 33,600 votes. This a legendary shounan anime. This still remain in rank 1 for two decads. It's consistency with amazing plot is insane

The Tops 10

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