Tom Cruise Receives Palme d’Or Award After 6 Minutes of Ovation 

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly make a dramatic entry in a helicopter and enter in cannes film festival.

His style and entry was grand enough to surprise everyone. Two fighter jet release smoke in sky.

 That entry shows his stardom and fan follwing all over the globe.

But later On This evening Cannes premiere give him the highest award Palme d’Or.

Actually He appears here to promote his new upcoming picture Top Gun Maverick. 

This day Tom Cruise looked dapper in a crisp blue suit over a white shirt, his messy hair and that iconic smile.

His co-actor Jennifer Connelly looked ravishing in a pinafore dress, minimal makeup, and sleek side-parted hair.

I think that movie will be great action packed what else we expect from Tom Cruise.

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