Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Movie Review

Finally, Rocketry The Nambi Effect was Released on July 1, 2022. It is a truly amazing movie. Let's talk about it in details. Let's start

After such a long time and such dedication, we rarely see it in Bollywood. I salute R. Madhavan, sir, and Sharukh khan does not take any rupees for this movie. 

Madhvan's performance is incredible, and Shahrukh Khan has a very interesting role in this movie. I have no words after watching this. I was speechless. 

This shows the power of a true story. A scientist and patriot who created such powerful invention and went through lots of struggles till now we can't even imagine. 

Even after that, he loves this country that much, but the people of this country do not want to know about this hero. It's too painful for a person who loves his country most.

Performance, acting, storyline and I love the brutally honest truth and love the way it says that. I get too many goosebumps from this movie

DON'T go to watch an OM movie. This is another sh*t of Bollywood. Save that money and watch Rocketry the Nambi Effect.

I was disappointed when I entered the cinema hall were very few people came to watch it. Please go and watch this movie. Please 

The Tops 10

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