Rocket Boys Sony LIV Series Review

Feb 9, 2022


Sony Liv Studio


Plot based on Homi Bhava and Vikram Sarabhai who were created the base of Modern India and establish India as a powerfull Nuclear and Space programme Country

Sony Liv Studio

Direction & Screenplay

Direction is  amazing and beautiful also. Especially when it comes to screenplay and camera movement is awasome.

Sony Liv Studio


Both Jim Sarbh and Ishawk Singh as Homi and Vikram are too perfect and their acting is also great and other casting and acting makes this seris engaging.

Sony Liv Studio


Production of this series make you feel the real 1940s India and Set design is great point of this film. This production is like a big budget film.

Sony Liv Studio

Sound Design

Sony Liv Studio

Sound design is remarkble. Not to cheezy but also dramatic , it makes sense when it comes to make you thrilled. After watching the series you remember the music.

Pros and Cons

Pros : Sound Design, Screenplay, Acting and Production is very good. Cons: Scientists are represent as Modern Days boys. Using slang and not respecting elders.

Sony Liv Studio

My Opinion

I think that you should definatly watch it because it shows the 1940s to 1960 India and you see some bitter truth. You should definately watch it

Sony Liv Studio

The Tops 10

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