One Piece or Naruto : Which Is Better?

There is lots of debate about which one is better between Naruto and One piece

Which one is better is depend on every individual

If you have adventrious Soul then One Piece is better for you.

If you love to fight for someone else Naruto is better for you

Naruto is better at Charecter, Motivation and care about friends 

One Piece have more real life issues like deep politics

One Piece is better at developing side charecters also.

World Building is better at One Piece Series

Naruto series mainly focus to develop Naruto and Sasuke

One Piece is about everyone. That's why it never feels repetative

In my opinion Naruto storyline is more understandle and easy to relate.

But One Piece have more complex and Reality based storyline.

The Tops 10

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