OMG ! Tom Cruise As Iron Man and Leonardo As Spider-Man

Jan 22, 2022


Tom Cruise and Leonardo D' Caprio are one of the most amazing and highest paid actor of all time in worldwide. They have huge fan base all over the globe

Recent Rumor leaked about Dr. Strange 2..Madness of the multiverse movie. This movie shows the different version of all superheros.

In Dr. Strange movie there will be so many cameos that you would never imagined. Those cameo. will be going to be Insane

Rumor says that there will be 4 version spidermans in Madness of Multiverse and one Spiderman varient will be Leonardo D' Caprio. 

Marvel Studio

And We all know that Tom Cruise was casted before RDJ as Iron Man but for some reason Tom Cruise was not casted.

Marvel Studio

But Rumor says that Tom Cruise can showed as Iron Man in Madness of Multiverse as a Iron Man varient. Let's see what happens next. 

Marvel Studio

And there will be also Some X-Men charecters but who will play their roll is not leaked yet. Hope the movie will justice their entry.

Marvel Studio

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