Lata Mangeshkar's Health Deteriorates : Very Sad News

Feb 5, 2022


India's most talented ,Legend and Queen of Singing Lata Mangeshkar admitted in Ventilator. It's very sad for us now. 

She was admitted in Mumbai's breach Candy Hospital earliar last month. She also Covid-19 positive. let's see next

She admitted in ICU and is on ventilator. Her age is now 92 and she suffers Pnemonia as well from Late January.

But She recoverd from Covid-19 and Pneumonia as well but recently her condition gettind worser than before.

Dr Pandit Said "currently in the ICU and has once again been put on ventilator support, due to her worsened condition, for which she will remain under observation."

Dr Pratit Samdani added, "She is under aggressive therapy. We are continuously observing her. She continues to be in ICU, she is under serious observation. Her treatment is going on in Breach Candy hospital."

She is the proud of our country. As a fan of her we can pray to our god for saving her. Let's see what's happen next.

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