Is Thor : Love and Thunder A Disappointment?

Thor : Love and Thunder does not match with my expectation.

It can better because Gorr the God butcher story is far more amazing 

This movie again priorotize again female charecter and make Thor a Comic Charecter

It is really really fraustrating because Old amazing Marvel is no more 

There are some great actions in this film but wow moment is zero.

I did not expect it from Marvel. Although actors performence are great

Christian Bell is perfectly suit as Gorr : God Butcher but Marvel not using him effectively

Marvel think that they can replace male charecter with Females but I don't think fans accept that.

MCU is now M She U. It's not so good movie because

Gorr the god butcher past story and why he tries to kill all god is crazy amazing 

We don't see those story and amazing plot armor. If i have to describe this movie in one word

The word is "Comedy". Too much comedy ruin that movie very well.

The Tops 10

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