Is Robert Downey Jr. Coming Back To MCU

Jan 18, 2022


Rdj is one of the most popular and highest paid actor of all time. He has huge fan base all over the globe

He played as Iron Man in Marvel and make the charecter iconic. His legendary acting is superb. Let's side this and discuss more on this topic

Iron Man T-shirts are high demand among the fans. If you are fan of RDJ and Iron Man this T-shirt is very cool to show of among your friends.

After the ending of heroic death of Iron Man in Avengers Endgame we all sad because RDJ announced that he will never comeback in MCU.

But rumor says that he is going to comeback in Dr. Strange Madness Of The Multiverse Movie. This movie going to be insane hit if RDJ came again.

Marvel Studio

Many source revealed that Spiderman No Ways home cameo is very few. But in Dr. Strange Madness of Multiverse cameos will be insanely awasome. 

Marvel Studio

But we don't know till now that Iron Man will return in a mejor roll or as a cameo. To know the ans we have to wait untill the movie release.

Marvel Studio

But personally think that this will not be any other charecter. This is RDJ. MCU is building with him. Let's see what happen next but this is for sure Marvel always suprise us. 

Marvel Studio

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