Gojo Vs Sukuna : Who Will Win?

In the recent chapter of manga, we witnes the crazy fight of the Gojo sensei snd Ryomen sukuna.

After taken over Megumi's body Sukuna can use 10 shadows and also can summon Mahoraga.

As we know that Mahoraga is the strongest Shikigami among all of them and his Dharmachakra make him adaptable from any attack.

In the intense domain battle their score is 3-1. Gojo 1 and Sukuna 3. but don't judge it just because Gojo loose.

Gojo can't use his domain expansion but Sukuna also can't use domain expansion because there their brain is now damaged because of curse energy

now here comes hand to hand combat and here Gojo easily beat Sukuna but Sukuna's dharmachakra is still spinning

Gojo calculate the spinning and figure out to be adaptable of any attack Mahoraga need 5 wheel spinning.

Two is already done and 3 is left. Gojo says he will kill Sukuna within that time.

What do you think Gojo will loose? In my opinion Gojo will not that easily. He is the G.O.A.T .

The Tops 10

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