Will Gabi be Next Eren Eager ?

There is lot's of similarites between Eren and Gabi but why everyone hated Gabi that much ! Let's Find out

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Similarities :

1. Excessive self-consciousness 2. Short temper 3. Bad wording 4. Selfish and selfish

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They have a strong hatred towards enemy but Eren’s hatred due to actual experience and Gabi’s hatred due to brainwashing

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Why Everyone Hate Gabi That Much ?  Is she deserve that much hate from the AOT fandome ?

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Every AOT Fan hated her because it start from killing after Sasha 

Sasha's Last Word was “MEAT”. Which is one of the most heart-touching line in AOT

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She is Very Very Annoying, Loud, Aggressive, Revengeful but his charecter is way more complex than you think. 

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Image Credit : Mappa Studio

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