Disney Retrun Jhonny Depp As Jack Sparrow With $301 Million

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After such a controversial statement of Amber Heard, Jhonny Depp was known in Uk as a "wife-beater" without doing that.

After hearing that news, Disney throws Jhonny out of the Pirates of the Caribbean Series. Then Jhonny files a defamation case against Heard.

After that, Heard filed a defamation case against Depp for $100 Million. Here comes that moment when fans are also aware of this incident. They release a petition to throw Amber from Aquaman 2. 

Fans want justice for Depp and request the punishment for Amber Disney, witness all that crazy fans of Depp and understand his demand.

After hearing the Case and obviously, the winner is Jhonny Depp. It proves his innocence. Then Disney sent an apology letter several days ago.

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Also, Disney offers him $301 Million Dollers for returning as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribean Series, which is incredible.

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I was literally shocked and happy when I heard that news. I was like crazy. Yes, that's it. He deserves that much respect.

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Yahooooooo !!!! Finally !! Jhonny Depp Return as Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribean. I Never thought that Disney would Appolose to him.

I am excited to see him again as iconic Captain Jack Sparrow because I think nobody can replace him as Jack Sparrow. That shows the power of fans. Thanks to all of you 

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