Top 7 Best Friendship In Naruto Anime Series

Jan 16, 2022


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7. Kakashi - Obito

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Kakashi and Obito friendship shares a very strong bond. Obito give his life for Kakashi and give him his sharingan also and Kakashi save obito in battle.

6. Ino - Shika - Cho

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Their combination and team work is perfect. Even Asuma says that if they are together its very difficult to beat them.

5. Itachi - Shisui

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Shisui and Itachi more like a brother than friend. They share same love for the village hidden leaf and even both of them protect it even after their death.

4. Kakashi - Might Guy 

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They are both like friend and they called themselves Eternal Rivals. Their teamwork and emotion share with each other is awasome.

3. Naruto - Kurama

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When Naruto realize that Kurama's suffering, Naruto want to take all the hatred inside Kurama. That Moment make them partner and best friend.

2. Hashirama - Madara

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Their friendship is more like rivalry. It's very intersting to watch them fight. where emotion and fighting style both are on whole another level

1. Naruto - Sasuke

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Naruto and Sasuke are both share a pain. Their pain connect them. Their friendship is the key of this seris. Naruto wants to make Sasuke's hatred in to Love.

The Tops 10

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