Top 7 Badass Anime Charecters Of All Time

Jan 16, 2022


Madhouse Studio

7. Pain 

Pierrot Studio

Pain's Rinnbegan and his ideology towards peace and His past story is very tragic which makes him badass

6. Hisoka

Madhouse studio

Hisoka's pervy charecter with great power and calmness make him so much badass villain.

5. Light Yagami

Madhouse Studio

His ideology to create peace and make utopia with his incredible geniusness make him badass.

4. Vegeta

Toei Animation Studio

At the Dragon Ball Z Vegeta's carefree attitude and his pride make him so strong and make him badass also.

3. Zeke Yeager

Mappa Studio

Zeke's on attack on titan's mejor antagonist his beast titan's power with the world changing ideology make him badass.

2. Berrus

Toei Animation Studio

Beerus is the perfect suit as Badass villain who don't care about anything except food, he can do whatever he want. His attitude make him Badass.

1. Madara Uchiha

Pierrot Studio

Ah, Madara set the example of perfect badass villain. His ideology, carefree, attitude, power make him badass villain of all time.

The Tops 10

Toei Animation Studio

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