10 Attack On Titan Charecters Don't Deserve The Hate

Jan 4, 2022


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She is hated because she is the smiling Titan who eats Eren's mother. That's was not her fault because she didn't want to be Titan.

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10. Dina Fritz

He was basically a puppet. All of the decisions he makes are not his own. He is just a puppet.

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9. King Fritz

He is hated because of her strict training and anger, but he has a soft heart.

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8. Keith Sadies

She was completly brainwashed that was not her fault. 

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7. Yelena Falls

Annie, the female titan, has gone a lot like Reiner, making her cruel for her own man's sake.

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6. Annie Leonhart

After revealing his secret to Eren, he is also too much hated, but he showed why he was doing that for his own man's sake in the final season. It's too emotional. 

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5. Rainer Barun

Kenny's character is painful and his path towards evilness, but in the death bed, he shows Levi that he also has a soft heart.

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4. Kenny Ackermann

Zeke twisted betrayal type character make him hateful, but he believes that his solution is the most effective way. 

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3. Zeke Jaeger

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Grisha's revengeful decision make Eren that far, but his decision can erase the discrimination.

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2. Grisha Jaeger

Yes, Gabi's behaviour and brutality make her hateful to the fans, but she has gone through too much for a child. Could you read our article for compleat analysis?

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1. Gabi Barun