Top 5 Anime Villain Similar Like Thanos

A great motive and action towards goal can make a great hero or a great villain like Thanos. Let's talk about 5 anime villains similar like Thanos

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5. Friza

He is one of the most ruthless and brutal villains ever appeared in the Dragon Ball series. His motive is to rule the Universe but his dedication is similar with Thanos

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4. Johan Liebert

Johan is the Best Anime Villain ever because, since childhood, he was a master planner like Thanos. He can cause anybody the worst pain. He can kill anyone without any feelings.

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3. Meruem

He considers himself superior to all forms of life, and he feels no concern. He shows no empathy towards humans and sees them only as a source like Thanos.

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2. Madara Uchiha

Madara kill his entire clan and save his motive and ideology. That Makes him really close to Thanos.

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Light Yagami is the closest similar anime villains like Thanos. His motive and ideology to create utopia like Thanos and eliminate everyone who are obstacle for his goal.

1. Light Yagami

Image Credit : Madhouse Studio