Moon Knight Actor Gaspard Ulliel Dies At 37 Age After Ski Accident

Jan 20, 2022


A very sad news comes that French actor who casted as Moon Knight in MCU. Very tragic incident happend to him.

Marvel Studio

Actor Gaspard Ulliel died in a Ski Accident at the age of 37. This news is very shocking for all of us. 

He played the charecter of Anton Mogart in Marvel Moon Knight Series. He is one of the most potential Actor among hollywood.

The Moon Knight Series release date is 30th March, 2022. This series create the hype after releasing the trailer. 

Marvel Studio

After the accident he suffered from head injury and sadly did not recover it. His family and friends describe somting more.

Police says that due to hard snow and ice on the slopes cause this accident and another skier suffferd from brain trauma also.

One person's tweet touch me. He tweeted, “Man, finally gets on a series the whole world is gonna see and tragedy strikes. Really unfortunate that he’ll never get to see the fruits of his labour.”

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