9 Anime Charecters Died For Their Students

Jan 13, 2022


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Kaien Shiva get small ammount of screentime but he can able to touch our heart through his sacrifise.

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9. Kaien Shiva

Sarutobi Hiruzen is the third Hokage and He sacrifise himself to seal his student Orochimaru who wants to destroy the Leaf Village.

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8. Sarutobi Hiruzen

She knows that her decision can make her death despite of her death she want to fight with Madoka. 

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7. Mami Tomoe

In the Yu Yu Hakusho series her death for his student is too painful to watch. Her sacrifise shows the love for her student.

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6. Genkai

Whitebeard treat pirates like his family. He can do everything for them. he lent his strength to Luffy for rescuing Ace.

Toei Animation

5. Whitebeard

His work ethics and love for his students shows that his death make for a greater purpose.

Pierrot Studio

4. Azuma Sarutobi

Jiraiya is more like a father figure for Naruto. Jiraiya make Naruto Stronger in his own way. His sacrifise for Naruto make me emotional. 

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3. Jiraiya

The Tops 10

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Rengoku was teacher for only one day but that day he shows all of us that what a teacher should be like. 

Ufotble Studio

2. Rengoku

A good teacher make student Worst to Best. Koro sensei proves that. His last roll call is too emotional to handle. I was literally crying.

Lerche Studio

1. Koro-sensei